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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 29, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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bay : >> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> this is where hundreds of people from the bay area should be right now. maui. but they are not. tonight, they are in oakland. >> andria borba, what happened? >> reporter: well it started with mechanical problems, the plane circled for 90 minutes, landed in oakland and never left. for the passengers of flight 45, no one will take the aloha out of your sales quite like ending up 36 miles from where you started. >> where are you? >> we are in oakland. >> where are you supposed to be? >> maui. >> reporter: hie hawaiian 45
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left bound for maui and the problems began right away. >> they said something was caught in the engine so we had to turn around. >> reporter: and instead of the hawaiian islands, the flight landed at oakland international where the passengers waited and waited some more. >> they said in an hour they will fix the plane, it turned into two, three, four, and then, they are like, we can't get you out of here. >> reporter: also aboard flight 45, 15 guests bound for quinn lee's wedding. including the guy with the most important job of the day, her dad. quinn tweeted praying they would be here, would appreciate it if my dad would walk down the aisle. the wedding is saturday. quinn told me on the phone she is hoping dad and mom and her sisters and grooms men make it. >> is this maui? >> no, i wish it was. >> reporter: now hawaiian airlines released the statement
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saying they are going to try to rebook everyone to a later flight and get them hotel room. but all the hotel rooms in oakland are booked up and they are stranded at the airport until the next flight and that next flight is 4:30 tomorrow morning. live in oakland, andria borba, kpix5. >> okay, so what are your rights as a passenger? we asked our consumer reporter julie watts. >> reporter: actually, hawaiian is sticking to its policy. their policy for delays over six hours is to provide one night's hotel room, one meal voucher, transportation, and one long distance call. they will put you on the next available flight with a seat in your same class or you can choose to cancel altogether and they will give you a refund or avoucher to be used within the year. but people are out of luck if
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they paid for hotels in hawaii already. in the news room, julie watts, kpix5. a big white tent has gone up at the college in cupertino. betty yu has some answers. >> reporter: i can tell you apple is sat it again. crews are still working at this hour. an this place is just crawling with security. we have seen people move giant wooden boxes inside. we have also seen several semitrucks pulling out of the parking lot. all big signs that this will be a big production. apple knows how to keep secrets and it is keeping this one literally under wraps. crews have been busy building a massive structure behind the flint center where steve jobs unvailed the original apple computer in 1984. >> it is crazy to think this is where i'm from, this is where apple started 30 years ago.
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that is crazy. >> reporter: apple appears to be prepares for the big event in dramatic fashion. security is tight at the college. guards are posted at every corner surrounding the venue. the company's big invitation only adds to the mystery. >> it was a little more coy than a lot of them have been. it said wish we could say more and was just a gray silver background with the apple logo. >> reporter: around campus, students have a good idea of what's to come. >> hoping they unveil the iphone six. >> the new mac book. >> reporter: well apple is expected to unveil possibly two new iphones with bigger screens. there is also talk of an i watch or some sort of a wearable. allen? >> thanks betty. the flint center seats 2300 people. that's a much bigger venue than the places apple usually uses to show off new products. tonight, cal tran is tearing up part of 280 in san
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francisco. all northbound lanes are closed from the 101 interchange to king street and will be closed tomorrow and all labor day weekend. they are replacing two hinges. these photos on instagram show the progress. now this is all part of an earthquake retro fit. this closure was planned in advance and has nothing to do with last sunday's earthquake. the work should be done by tuesday morning. well, they are busy in napa tonight cleaning up the mess from sunday's quake. the city says that so far, it has collected 2.68 pounds of earthquake debris. four times what it usually collects over four days. a new sink hole opened on west napa street. about 400 people still do not have running water. the city says the goal is to have service restored by the weekend. every time there's a quake,
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then come the reminders about being repaired. we talk about the need to retro fit old buildings. christin ayers says some people are getting away with not doing it. >> reporter: nicole lives in this building in oakland that has dangerous designs that could collapse in a large earthquake. >> hopefully i'm not in the building. >> reporter: they are called soft story buildings. many housed on inclines with garages on the bottom. it is described this way. >> if you put a big block of something on a stick, and it shakes back and forth, the stick will eventually break. >> reporter: thousands of oakland residents live in them and yet we found out oakland has no law requiring the owners of the buildings retro fit
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them. >> we want them to understand they are living in a building that is not seismically safe. >> reporter: they worked furiously to finish the app. it maps oakland's earthquake vulnerable buildings. >> go to >> reporter: he hopes it will spur oaklanders to go for change, but oakland is still scrambling to enforce a 20-year- old ordnance requiring the owners of brick buildings to reenforce them. dozen of owners are still retro fitting opting to pay a $15,000 fine. >> san francisco is going to start suing building owners. we are not there yet. >> reporter: oakland will issue more notices to owners and she is hopeful a law requiring that these soft story buildings be updated is not far off. san francisco and berkeley already have ordnances in place requiring that soft story buildings be upgraded. city officials here in oakland are hoping to have a similar ordnance in place by year's end. record live in oakland,
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christin ayers, kpix5. tonight we confirmed the san jose police department is getting rid of its armored tank. critics said there was no good reason they needed something that was built for war. so the department is acceptabling the tank back to the militariment they got the tank through the military surplus program. police in davis got this mine proof tank but voted to subpoenaed it send it back as well. officers have looked more like they were headed into a war zone in ferguson with all that heavy equipment. president obama has no plans to deal with isis. the terrorist group considered even more dangerous than al- qaeda. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. i think what i have seen in some of the news reports suggests that folks are getting a little further ahead of are we are at than we currently
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are. and i think that is not just my assessment, but the assessment of the military as well. >> you heard him. there is no strategy for dealing with isis. and that comment took a lot of people by surprise. tonight, the white house is doing damage control. the press secretary tweeting in his remarks today, the president was explicit as he has been in the past about the comprehensive strategy we will use to confront the threats. also tonight, the president says he has no plans to take military action to help ukraine. even though russian forces have now crossed the border into eastern ukraine. satellite photos show convoys of russian artillery on the move inside ukraine. this is not equipment simply supplied to the pro russian rebels in ukraine. nato says this is a russian combat unit which has crossed the border and is operating on ukrainian soil. these russian soldiers were captured 15 miles inside ukrainian territory. at an emergency session of the
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u.n. council, the american representative samantha power made accusations of the kind that were made during the cold war. >> russia has come before the council to say everything but the truth. it has manipulated and outright lied. >> reporter: over the past 48 hours, russia has opened another front in southeast ukraine where columns of russian vehicles is are advancing down to the coast and have so far taken two cities. again, these are not vehicles supplied to the rebels. an american officer says they are russian forces. the president says he will work with the european union to consider more sanctions against russia. a bay area teacher tweets about her itchy trigger finger and wanting to stab her kids. her students say it is just a joke, but the parents say she ha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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medically induced coma toni rivers looked healthy at th event yesterday.. but this morning she went into cardi rest during throat >> comedian joan rivers is in a medically induced coma tonight. she looked healthy at an event yesterday, but this morning she went into cardiac arrest after throat surgery. she was taken to mount sinai in new york city. her daughter melissa flew in to be with her. rivers performed just last night and someone in the audience tells the new york post she joked that she is 81 and could go at any moment.
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we should learn more about her prognosis tomorrow. well stunning accusations against an hiv positive man in southern california tonight. prosecutors say this man, 29- year-old thomas garra willingly exposed almost 2 dozen men to the virus that causes aids. our affiliate in san diego got the crime report. one text reads of course he thinks i'm neg, as in hiv negative with a smiley face. here is what one of his accusers had to say. >> i don't know who i was living with. i don't know who i had fallen in love with. i feel like i'm living a crazy lifetime movie. >> thomas could face criminal charges if prosecutors can face he infected overs intentionally. tonight, a bay area teacher is under fire for what she tweeted about her teachers. stuff like i want to pour hot
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coffee on them and cate caugurian shows thaws is not all. >> what she said was a joke. not meant to hurt everyone. >> people took it wrong. >> everybody makes his takes. >> reporter: but parents are not laughing. >> she is a teacher and a role model. >> so it is kind of a shock the way this came about. >> reporter: it looks like krista hodges just took her frustrations to twitter not knowing it would make its way to the district. she tweeted i already want to stab a kid. is that bad? a month of that, so happy to be done with school ten days but especially to be away from the ones who truly try my patience and make my trigger finger itchy. her students know her better than that. >> she is forgiving and a good teacher. >> reporter: why do you think people might be offended by some of the stuff? >> probably because they don't know her as a person. she's an amazing teacher. >> reporter: these students are on twitter and instagram. they get it.
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it just happens. >> maybe she took it a little far. >> you have to keep it professional. >> it really was a dumb move. >> reporter: but they also say not one worth losing one of their most beloved teachers. we reached out to krista hodges several times but she did not get back to us. in newark, cate caugurian, kpix5. >> the district learned about the tweet and disciplined the teacher with a written reprimand. tonight, a santa rosa mom is off the legal hook. she will not stand trial for choking a boy who was bullying her daughter. judges say they just didn't have a case against delia garcia-bratcher. >> i'm just glad to be done with this. >> there are conflicts reports about what actually happened.
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bart riders can report problems on the train while sitting in their seats. there is is a new app that is free. a drop down menu gives a list of problems that you can text to police. the best parking lot? you can do it discreetly. google has decided it is time we all knew. the scientists have been working on a secret drone program. no, not to spy on us. tonight, joe vasquez shows us these drones deliver. >> reporter: it is only a small package of dog treats but this test flight is a remarkable accomplishment. it is proving delivery with a self-flying plane is possible. it was built by google engineers part of their secret research group called google x. >> project wing aspires to take a chunk of the remaining friction of moving things around in the world. >> reporter: the delivery is
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lowered down by the rope. the dog eats his snack. the dog drags the rope back up and flies away. >> working together, we can get to the future surprisingly quickly. >> reporter: they are still experimental. a few months ago, amazon said it was working on a delivery drone system. but back in june, the faa grounded them all before they got off the ground issuing an order that no drones used for commercial purposes could operate. that video that shot the napa earthquake was purported by its owner to be an educational project. your neighborhood post office is dying but not obsolete yet. google says it will be a couple of years before they are up and flying. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> well google says the system would be operated by people as well as computers. >> by human controllers i guess. they could take control in an emergency or if a package gets stuck. [ laughter ] >> or lands on your head. >> yeah, then get sued. just look at the waves now.
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day three, monster surf down in so cal and the surfers are eating it up. some of the waves as high as 12 feet. and they could be dangerous. god, that was a great go pro shot wasn't it? thrown high in the sky. that down in new port beach. >> unbelievable. i know we have been talking about how we might see a few remnants of hurricane marie. what is it looking like now? >> only in the form of clouds. the waves will be a little higher here, but nothing like southern california. they appear down there in malibu, they were having issues with stability because the waves have been so big. big time issues for them. all we get is cloud cover. good evening to you in santa clara and san jose, you are cloud free right now, you will have cloud cover when you wake up in the morning. we have already lost sight of the bay bridge from our rooftop, visibility going down. fog returning. 60 in the morning for the kids
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in concord, vallejo at the bus stop. sunrise, 6:37 tomorrow. micro climate forecast, we are knocking on the door of a holiday weekend. 76 degrees friday. 77 saturday in belmont, but it won't be terribly sunny starting tomorrow. that is our impact from hurricane marie. it is not a hurricane anymore. just a decays tropical system. but all this cloud cover is being picked up by the jet stream and pulled back toward us. the rain will be a pretty close call, but that wall in the atmosphere that has been here two years, a big ridge of high pressure to the west blocking any rainfall. but the clouds will kind of make it through the deflector shield, so the rain is a miss, but the clouds will be a hit. weekend will be dry. all the way through monday, we are not going to see a drop of rainfall, but as soon as tomorrow afternoon, you will notice an increase of cloud cover. temperatures go no-where, they will be right near average. beautiful, and dry weather all the way through the holiday
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weekend. highs tomorrow, away from the water. concord, 85. san jose, 81. but i call that comfortable. campbell, 83. san mateo, 73. union city, 76. watch out for an increase of clouds as the holiday weekend begins in san ramon and pittsburgh. some noontime sunshine before the clouds roll back in, in the afternoon. 67 for you. berkeley, 70. napa, 82. clear lake tomorrow. 92 degrees. the cloudiest day will be saturday and the sunshine comes back for sunday afternoon. labor day looks nice and a little cooler next week. all in all, this is a pleasant and still very dry seven-day forecast. >> yeah, it is dry. >> september, we could see some rainfall. >> hopefully. >> need the change. >> cool. >> cool. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they've scored 61pts in 2 games... >> nfl and the 49ers, you have to be feeling better now. they scored 61 points in two games. blain started the final dress rehearsal in houston.
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to asante cleveland on a 14- yard play. put them hup 7-6. now with josh johnson as quarterback, they really took off. found bruce illing ton. they finished with a record of 2-2 in the preseason. now, tell me if this story is true. that, you attribute some of your speed for dogs chasing after you. [ laughter ] >> that is very true. you know, everyday, getting off the bus, my cousin rj, me and him had to run from the dogs across the street. i think they helped me out a lot. >> do the dogs get part of your paycheck? >> they are probably gone now. i don't know if they are still living (laughter) >> watch derek carr. he lit it up.
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deep ball to demarius moore. and then later in the first, it all bounced his way. pass to michael rivera's hands. carr, 11 of 13. three touchdowns. who doesn't want him to start next week at the jets? raiders win the game 41-31. what a season debut for san jose state. the college football real quick. they thump north dakota tonight. 42-10. segway to baseball. a couple of hot ones including the giants. petit. retired 46 consecutive batters. giants got enough offense in the 8th inning. andrew susek singles to left. that is 4-1. the final. the giants stay one-and-a-half games ahead in the wild card race. as in anaheim trailing the
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angels by a game in the west. here is how oakland climbed out of a 3-0 hole. josh donaldson, away, and gone to the 6th inning. that blast would tie it. we go extras. in the 10th, howie kendrick. it's a walk-off sack fly. albert pujols trots and taps home and la wins 4-3. they take a two-game lead now. u.s. open, second round, the 15-year-old against diaz. after winning the second set, couldn't close, lost in three sets, still, the youngest to win a match in the open in 18 years. >> how would you describe the last five days of your life? >> amazing! i mean, i never thought i would be here and after my first round, i was so happy. this whole thing has been such a great experience and i'm so lucky and honored to female announcer: through monday,
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